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Music guides us through the path of a film;  A piece of  emotion resonating with each note sending you into heaven or hell or any of the vast areas in-between.  The best a composer can do is to recognize the heart of a film and translate it musically (some say magically) into something brilliant. Marks music intertwines with emotions giving us the essence of the film. -Diane De LaRose

Recent News

January 2016 –  Dino Publishing, Sweden (Emerge, Cannibal Fog, Diabolique) has enlisted Mark to score their next horror release, “Root of Darkness”

December 2015 – Lung II, the feature horror film by Phil Stevens is completed! The film’s release date is scheduled for February 2016

October 2015 – Currently Mark is working on the next Phil Stevens feature film, “Lung II”.

10-27-15 “Flowers”, a Phil Stevens feature horror film, is released with phenomenal reviews from all over the globe!  Here are just a few:

…stunningly scored…

…..the score is one of the best I have experienced in an Underground film. It fits into the whole experience perfectly!…..

I could say a lot about the incredible score by Mark Kueffner, like how it enriched and elevated the film far beyond what Phil Stevens or I imagined. FLOWERS is more than just another low-budget horror flick and this haunting melody is proof that there’s a certain emotional depth there that’s usually missing from the genre. Mark recognized the movie’s heart and translated it musically.     Ronnie Sorter, Editor

9-20-2015 – TV One’s show “Fatal Attractions” -using Mark’s music

9-1-2015 – Discovery Channels “Sex Sent Me to the Slammer”  is using music composed by Mark

2015 – BOA TV has used Mark’s music in many of their shows this year, including “Men and Kings”,  “Mind of a Single Male”,  “Miles + Cal” and  “Love Crimes”.

5-20-15 – Popular cable show “Alien Encounters” – is now using tracks written and produced by Mark

5-12-15 – Popular cable show “Homicide Hunter” is now using tracks written and produced by Mark

4-10-15 – Construction of the new recording studio is 80% complete. Estimated date of being fully operational is 5/01/15

3-15-15 – “What Lies Beneath” featured track on the new cable TV show R.I.P. Files

2-05-15 – “I’m So Happy” becomes #1 in sales on the popular library site Melody Loops

12-12-14 “Flowers” –  Feature Film. Currently in post production. Release date 03/2015

11-18-14 “”Upstairs Inferno” – Feature Film Documentary. Camina Entertainment, winner of several film festivals and other awards. Music contributor – To be released in 2015

09-20-14 “The Escape” – 2014 movie short advert for Fox Entertainment. Shown at Japan, San Diego and New York Comic Cons

08-17-14 “Integrity Staffing” TV commercial

08-05-14 “Freefall” season 2, episode 212, released

07-20-14 “Freefall” season 2 episode 211, released

07-05-14 “Freefalll season 2, episode 210 released

06-20-14 – “Freefall” season 2, episode 209 released

06-14-14 – “Freefall” season 2, episode 208 release

05-22-14 – “Black Boots” web series episode 108 released

05-02-14: Teaser of the popular web show “Free Fall” is released

04-23-14: Episode 202( season 2) of the popular series “Free Fall” is released

04-19-14: Episode 201 (season 2) of the popular series “Free Fall” is released – Composed by Mark

03-15-14: “Broken Pipes”a a short drama directed by Zoe Cullivier

01-06-14: Mark has signed with The Music Umbrella, an international entertainment advisory and music publishing company: The Music Umbrella

12-10-13: “Freefall” – Mark has been commissioned to compose for this successful web series.

12-04-13: Begin working on the new web series “Black Boots”.  Watch the trailer here

10-15-13: “The Trouble With Going Somewhere” Episode two now available. Watch here

10-01-13: “The Trouble With Going Somewhere”, New Atlanta-based web series – Director Lamont Pierre – Music composed by Mark Kueffner. Watch the first episode here Episode 2 scheduled for October 15, 2013

9-07-13: “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”, The Candlestick Company – Currently in production – iPad interactive book – Sound design and music composition by Mark Kueffner

7-22-13: “Escape”, directed by Zia Islam – Music composed by Mark Kueffner

7-10-13: 2013 “Skip Barber Racing School’ commercial composed by Mark Kueffner

6-28-13: “N8 Energy Drink” commercial composed by Mark Kueffner for Think Big Media, located in Dusseldorf, Germany

5-26-13: “Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald”, a comedy film directed by Celine Terranova – Composed by Mark Kueffner. This film was shot at the Barts Pathology Museum, located in London, England. Director Celine Terranova incorporated steampunk aesthetics in creating this silent comedy. Official Selection at these Film Festivals: Louisville International Festival of Film, Sherlock Holmes Convention in Seattle, Witney Film Festival in London, Portobello Film Festival

3-15-13: “Fiction of the Fix”, directed by Cathy Sitzes (Dreamworks) was scored by Mark Kueffner. This comedy/drama/sci-fi film will be featured at Frameline37 and QWOCFF 2013 Film Festivals.

1-17-13: Vimeo’s Cabin in the Woods finalist “Discrete Horrible Murders” used Mark Kueffner’s composing talents. Directed by Peter Stray

11-12-12: Skip Barber Racing School – Cable commercial running on the Velocity Channel – Music by Mark Kueffner


Official Film Festival Selections:

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