Mark Kueffner

About Mark

Mark Kueffner has been writing and producing music for over 25 years.

Mark began piano and accordion lessons at the age of six years old. By the time he reached 12, he had appeared on local and national televisions shows such as the Pat Boone Show on NBC, and Gypsy Rose Lee Show, out of San Francisco, CA.

Other childhood highlights included concert appearances with Liberace at the Carousel Theater in West Covina, CA, and Melody Land Theater in Anaheim, CA.

Mark started gigging reguarly by the age of 19. He shared the stage with the likes of Van Halen in rock clubs throughout Southern California. Gazzarri’s, Walter Mitty’s, the Palomino Club, and the Starwood are just a few examples.

Mark first appeared on recordings at age 26. One such example is the LA Boppers. The Boppers recorded 11 albums on the Mercury and MCA Record Labels.

Some of Mark’s early examples as writer and producer can be found on albums such as Greg
Walker (Lead singer for Santana on 11 albums) and Emanuel Rahiem Leblanc (GQ).

As an Atlanta Film Composer, Mark has composed for films such as Birds of a Feather 2 (Zaytoven), Flowers, Flowers 2, Anomaly, Lung, Lung II, Ghost of a Chance, Towering Infernal, and many others. TV credits include the Bachelor, Bachelorette, Homicide Hunter, Fatal Attraction, Unexplained and Unexplored, Mission Declassified, Nova Wonders, Fear Factor, American Greed, Impractical Jokers, Snapped: Killer Couples, Homicide City, Murder Chose Me, Aerial America, Murder Comes to Town, and Sticker Shock.

Mark is a life-long musician, music producer and arranger. As a composer and orchestrator, Mark’s music has been performed by Orchestras such as Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

2013 film credits include: The Fiction of the Fix, Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald, and Discrete Horrible Murders

Mark currently owns MK Productions, a composing and recording studio located in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA.

Capitol Records
World Arts Records
Taylor Made Records
Inside Entertainment
Smooth Jazz 107.5
105.6 Smooth Jazz
The Cartoon Network
Zuik Media
Think Big Media (Germany)
Cathy Sitzes Films
Peter Stray Films
Shimmer Entertainment
East Coast Entertainment
Skip Barber Racing School
Outcomes Health Information Solutions
Dozens of industrial and training films
Accepted on several top-tier licensing sites such as:
Fidelity Wave
Editors Choice
The Goo
Pump Audio


Zia Islam / Mike Nguyen – Director / Producer – The score is fantastic! Zia, Eric (sound designer), and I really loved the haunting atmospheric quality of it.

Celine Tarranova – Director – Stolen Emerald Productions
Hi Mark,
I am amazed at the quality of the whole music! Thank you so much, you are so talented!!!

Cathy Sitzes – Director – Dreamworks
Hi Mark!
This is really great!!   Its so nice to see it with a well thought out piece of music attached!! 🙂

Peter Stray Director
Hi Mark,
Your music is on show in my finished short, now a finalist in the Vimeo cometition and already selected for festival screening in the US. Thanks for your great music!

Debbie Ebalobo – Skip Barber Racing School
Hey Mark,
I wanted to reach out and thank you personally for helping us so much in the last few months. You are extremely talented and we love the work you do.