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Music guides us through the path of a film;  A piece of  emotion resonating with each note sending you into heaven or hell or any of the vast areas in-between.  The best a composer can do is to recognize the heart of a film and translate it musically (some say magically) into something brilliant. Marks music intertwines with emotions giving us the essence of the film. -Diane De LaRose

Latest News

Growing List of Cable TV Shows Using Mark’s Tracks

The growing list of cable TV and streaming channels using Mark’s tracks include the History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery, Discovery Science, Investigative Discovery, TVOne, and TLC, HULU, Amazon. Mark’s music can be heard on cable and streaming TV shows in these countries: U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Macedonia, Mexico, Norway. Streaming channels include HULU […]

Anomaly (cont)

Scoring is complete for Anomaly. The Anomaly trailer has reached over 600,000 hits and was on IMDB’s most popular trailer list for one week.

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